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Last updated: April 22nd, 2023

Driveline Baseball

I’m running my company, Driveline Baseball Enterprises. My active roles right now are:

  • President: Guiding corporate strategy, finding and maintaining strategic partnerships, adviser to all departments, chief delegation specialist.
  • Interim Director of Research and Development: Took this role after Dan Aucoin left the company to pursue an opportunity in professional baseball.


I run the South Sound Chess Club based out of Des Moines, WA at the moment. Come play some chess with us!

You can also find me playing at the Issaquah Highlands (Wednesdays) and Seattle Chess Clubs (Fridays).


I have launched my consulting business, Adequality Consulting. All inquiries for consulting should go through my EA there, Emily Coolbaugh.

Life Reorganization

I am continuing to increase delegation of as many tasks as possible.

See also: My executive assistant, Emily Coolbaugh.

Cutting the Rest Out

I am saying no to pretty much everything not listed above. Don’t take it too harshly, please. As you can probably see, I have little time for much in my schedule and I need to focus.