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Last updated: July 14th, 2019

Driveline Baseball

I’m running my company, Driveline Baseball Enterprises. My active roles right now are:

  • President: Guiding corporate strategy, finding and maintaining strategic partnerships, adviser to all departments, chief delegation specialist
  • Director of Pitching: Re-taking this role and running it with Bryan Leslie (Manager of Pitching). Responsible for the culture and philosophy of the pitching floor in addition to building the team.
  • Chief Technical Officer: In charge of all technical operations, from Information Technology to Software Development. Actively hiring people to furiously delegate tasks away from this position and decentralize as effectively and as rapidly as possible.

On top of all of this, I think I’d like to write a book with my team about the Biomechanics of Pitching, since I find all the current non-academic literature on the topic quite terrible. I have wanted to do this for over a year and the desire only gets stronger; a sign that this is indeed a very good idea and not a flash-in-the-pan.

Other Baseball

I will be interviewing for pitching jobs inside MLB for the 2020 season. This is my first time openly doing so. I have received considerable interest (more than expected) to interview for the Director of Pitching role for many MLB teams.

I am targeting mid-late August to complete all my interviews.

I am finishing up my pitch decks and will have them professionally designed, laid out, and printed for all teams. Electronic copies will be sent ahead of our interviews and I will bring several copies to our in-person meetings.

Life Reorganization

I am increasingly working on delegating as many tasks as possible and hiring as much as I can in my personal life as well.

We need a new nanny, effective August 1st. Our current, awesome one, got into an educational program she did not expect to get into, and cannot work full-time for us anymore.

I am hiring a personal assistant.

I am working on building my personal brand and getting into Public Speaking topics on culture, business, and other non-baseball topics.

Mentorship / Small Business Talks

I am increasingly interested in mentoring people to help them in small business ventures. In doing so, I find that I learn a lot about my own processes that could be improved.

Cutting the Rest Out

I am saying no to pretty much everything not listed above. Don’t take it too harshly, please. As you can probably see, I have little time for much in my schedule and I need to focus. The next six months will be defined as a success if I do a very good job delegating and sticking to an average of 70 hours a week of work.

Otherwise, I’ll have failed.

I am doing my best to directly tell people that I am not interested in their proposals. But I’m only human, and sometimes it’s more comfortable for me just to ignore things I don’t have time in my schedule for. I’m trying to break that habit. However, people react poorly to rejection and/or continue to “follow-up” despite strong signals against it. So sometimes it’s just easier to mute threads in Gmail and ignore rather than face a long drawn-out argument.