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Last updated: July 1st, 2020

Driveline Baseball

I’m running my company, Driveline Baseball Enterprises. My active roles right now are:

  • President: Guiding corporate strategy, finding and maintaining strategic partnerships, adviser to all departments, chief delegation specialist.
  • Director of Pitching: Overseeing the Pitching floor with primary lieutenant Bill Hezel.
  • Head of Technology: In charge of all technical operations, from Information Technology to Software Development.

Cincinnati Reds

I am the Director of Pitching Initiatives // Pitching Coordinator role for the Cincinnati Reds. It is a multi-year commitment.

Sports Consulting

I have accepted consulting positions with NBA teams. I’m opening my consultancy services for wider consideration.

Adjunct Faculty / College Professor

I’ve published my page on my desire to become future adjunct faculty within the subjects of Sports Analytics or Business of Sport at a college / university local to the greater Seattle-Tacoma area, or any nationwide that provide remote learning opportunities.

Life Reorganization

I am increasingly working on delegating as many tasks as possible and hiring as much as I can in my personal life as well.

I have hired a personal assistant.

I am working on building my personal brand and getting into Public Speaking topics on culture, business, and other non-baseball topics.

Cutting the Rest Out

I am saying no to pretty much everything not listed above. Don’t take it too harshly, please. As you can probably see, I have little time for much in my schedule and I need to focus.

Otherwise, I’ll have failed.

I am doing my best to directly tell people that I am not interested in their proposals. But I’m only human, and sometimes it’s more comfortable for me just to ignore things I don’t have time in my schedule for. I’m trying to break that habit. However, people react poorly to rejection and/or continue to “follow-up” despite strong signals against it. So sometimes it’s just easier to mute threads in Gmail and ignore rather than face a long drawn-out argument.