Separate from my public speaking and conference track, I have become interested in becoming adjunct faculty, teaching a course in Sports Analytics, Business of Sport, or similarly related subject.

To that end, I have been taking guest lecturing slots to hone my skills.

  • Sports Analytics, University of Texas: Austin (McCombs School of Business)
  • The Makings of a Great Baseball Player, Boston University
  • Sabermetrics, Xavier University

I’ve been a Teaching Assistant as an undergraduate for courses in both Economics and Computer Science, and have dedicated the majority of my time over the last three years developing internal courses and educational topics for both Driveline Baseball and the Cincinnati Reds.

I look forward to your inquiries about local opportunities to become adjunct faculty in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area, or nationwide if remote lecturing / education is an option. Please contact Emily Coolbaugh with your interest at emily@kyleboddy.com.