I enjoy giving talks on topics of passion for me, but due to my busy role at Driveline Baseball and as a father of two young children, I can only agree to a limited number of engagements per year. Consequently, my speaking fees tend to go up every year commensurate with demand.

Some major events where I have been invited as a keynote/premier speaker:

  • World Golf Fitness Summit
  • World Golf Science Event
  • MLB International
  • Baseball Canada
  • Washington State Baseball Coaches Conference
  • 10+ MLB Organizations, 15+ Other Pro Sport Organizations, and 20+ NCAA Organizations

I’ve given over 25+ other presentations since 2012 focusing on kinesiology, biomechanics, sport, entrepreneurship, and Internet business.

My speaking style is quickly-paced with sporadic contextual humor and engaging stories drawing from my varied background. My presentations always use a custom-developed Powerpoint theme with zero animations, sounds, or gimmicks, and flows naturally without text repeated as speech – slides contain talking points, data visualization, and broad concepts that augment my speech.

Slides will be submitted in Powerpoint and PDF well in advance of my speech. If the event is related to baseball, I will promote my talk via Driveline Baseball’s verified Twitter account and the company’s Instagram account with tens of thousands of users at no additional charge.

Packages include one sixty (60) minute talk with slides appropriate for the topic and one optional thirty (30) minute roundtable / small group setting for your attendees. I will also commit to at least one dinner with the event staff and private small group discussions with other conference speakers and any VIP guests.

You are free to record and sell my talk to anyone and use the clips for commercial purposes so long as no endorsement of companies, products, or services is implied without a written agreement in advance. Should you produce multimedia of my talk, you will provide a single digital copy in return and grant me unlimited personal and commercial use of the talk with the exception of reselling it for my own purposes. If you create an affiliate marketing platform, I will likely participate and market the sale of your event’s videos (including my talk) via my social networking platform and websites.

References and samples are available from the list of organizations above.

Speaking Fees and Reimbursements

I will book all travel, lodging, and car rental personally and invoice you for reimbursement, which will be paid promptly no later than my arrival to your event. Payment accepted via cash, check, or electronic payment (Venmo, Paypal, some forms of cryptocurrency including but potentially not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ravencoin).

flight: First Class Nonstop from Seattle-Tacoma Airport, Delta Airlines if available

hotel/amenities: King-sized standard bedroom, on-premises if available, Marriott preferred

car rental: Full-sized or equivalent car

speaking fee: starts at $1000; does not include travel, lodging, food/drink, and car. Discretionary discounts available for charitable events or specific international travel [1] that I will bring my family along (will forfeit the portions of the fee in exchange for booked coach travel for my family)

[1]: Japan, Netherlands, France, Korea