Personal Assistant: Hired (Emily Coolbaugh)

Emily Coolbaugh has been hired as my personal assistant.

What does this mean?

  • She acts as me in almost all the ways that are important
  • She helps with task lists, finances, booking schedules, etc.
  • You will almost certainly interact with her

How will you interact with her?

  • Unknown numbers will ring through to Emily
  • Even if you are a known number in my contact list, I may be set to DO NOT DISTURB and you may be redirected to her cell phone
  • She will handle some scheduling of mine – you may work with her to set a scheduled event
  • She will handle some emails of mine – you may hear from her via email instead of me
  • She will handle some contracts of mine – you may get contracts through DocuSign / HelloSign / EverSign from her instead of me

The most important part to note is that if you are speaking to her, Emily is fully empowered to act as me in all the ways she represents herself. She is not a secondary person, you don’t mean less to me if she’s talking to you instead of me, and you will treat her as you would treat me.

If you require her direct contact information, please reach out and you will be put in touch.

Thanks for your understanding.

4 thoughts on “Personal Assistant: Hired (Emily Coolbaugh)”

  1. My name is Hunter Taubes, and I’m the Vice President of the Sport and Governance Association at Temple University. We’re currently planning our year-end event, the virtual Temple Sport Business Conference, and we’d love Mr. Boddy to participate on our science of pitching panel. I understand that I’m reaching out to Ms. Coolbaugh, so if you could please contact me at your earliest convenience, I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you in advance!

  2. Good evening and I hope you and your family are safe and well…

    Can you please email me the ” Weighted baseball training affects arm speeds ” presentation ??

    The link on twitter from Mr. Boddy`s Twitter account seems defective



  3. Hello Kyle (and Emily)

    My name is Erik A and I currently have a patented product which I recently discovered a unique “throwing” benefit to it.

    Would you be interested in having some of your guys test it utilizing the Motus sleeve?

    No actual baseball is involved, but this tool can be done in a overload or under load application…including on flat ground, mound or run & run scenario.

  4. Kyle or Emily,

    I am a former baseball player; played for Demetre Kokoris at PLNU. I am currently completing an MS Data Science degree and looking for opportunities to improve my skillset (I hope to apply these skills in professional athletics in the future). I have always appreciated Kyle’s candor on the internet and know that at one point he considered a data science career path himself. I know he is probably far too busy to respond and if so, don’t worry I won’t follow up… I read the Now page and can take a hint.

    My only question is, as the Director of Player Development, what skills would be an absolute must for an analyst or data scientist applying for a prospective position? I know you value work product and that education isn’t as high on that list for you and I am making an effort to cultivate personal projects but want to ensure that I am continuing to develop a toolbox that aligns with these types of roles.

    Appreciate any guidance you may have.

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