Arizona-bound, COVID-19 Update

Updated at 5:02 PM MT

I will be staying in Arizona for the duration of what was supposed to be Spring Training for the minor leaguers. I have volunteered to be one of the people on the skeleton crew to keep the Goodyear complex open for those who want to stay and train in preparation for the season that may or may not lie ahead of us.

I anticipate staying here through at least the first week of April, though I’ll re-evaluate as the situation goes.

Driveline Baseball has an announcement to make and will do so later today, Friday, March 13th. This post will be updated with the link to the announcement when it is made. Announcement can be found here.

We have taken contingency plans to provide service via remote, in-person in Washington, and in-person in Arizona. More information will be distributed over time.

You all know the drill: Wash your hands, practice social distancing, and so forth.

Be resilient.

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