hiring: personal assistant

I am looking to hire a personal assistant. Duties include:

  • Scheduling tasks for family
    • House Cleaner appointments
    • Dentist/Doctor/Optometrist
    • Nanny scheduling and hours
    • Online grocery delivery windows
  • Tasks for business / work
    • Maintaining my Google Calendar work schedule
    • Scheduling business meetings
    • Booking speaking engagements
    • Booking travel and lodging
    • Responding to and organizing email
    • Maintaining to-do list in Google Keep and scheduling work accordingly
    • Make/receive phone calls to contacts as needed
  • Finance tasks
    • Collating automated and manual reports into Mint (or another finance portal) and delivering twice monthly updates on retirement, savings, etc
    • Making retirement account contributions per schedule
    • Communicating with my bookkeeper / accountant on yearly personal taxes
    • Bill payments (car, utilities, mortgage, credit cards, phone, etc)
    • Making periodic savings withdrawals to high-yield account external from my bank
    • Periodically analyzing for good credit cards, refinance offers, other opportunities
  • Misc. Tasks
    • Very light video and picture editing
    • File/folder maintenance and reorganizing
    • Online shopping / recommendations / birthday reminders
    • Others as they come up


Personable, time efficient, detailed worker (all work will be tracked and tagged using Toggl online software), some experience as a VA/PA strongly desired. Ideal candidate is already serving as a VA/PA for one or more people and can add me to their work load, as my schedule regarding interaction with this candidate is very flexible (ideally late mornings 3-5 times per week).

Familiarity with college/professional baseball a plus; most of your business-related communication will be with people in or adjacent to this industry.

Must speak and write fluent, high-level English. Number one desired skill is superior English composition abilities.

Local to Seattle not required, but a minor plus.

About Me

I am a entrepreneur who is the President, CTO, and a Director of a company called Driveline Baseball that is expanding rapidly. I work 80-85 hours/week at the company due to some shifting personnel and this is likely to continue through Q3/Q4 of 2019. I am a father of two kids, married, own a home in Seattle, WA.

My wife and I are good at some tasks, but not others, and organizing is not one of them. Fortunately, communication with each other, our workers, and our children is not a problem – you’d be working with responsive individuals who can provide feedback and enjoy hearing feedback, even if it’s negative. In our minds, it’s just an opportunity to improve.

Expected workload: 10-12 hours/week to start, potential to increase as relationship grows

Proposed Pay: $17.25/hr

Contact me at kyle.boddy@gmail.com with your CV, resume, start date, and good times/dates to interview over the next 1-2 weeks. The more detailed, the more likely it is you’ll receive a response. Thanks!

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