Opening recruitment

I’ve reached out to a number of contacts in the industry, but wanted to make a public statement on this topic to plant the flag and ensure my words are standardized throughout baseball.

I will be interviewing for select positions in Major League Baseball for the 2020 season.

The positions I will interview on are:

-Pitching Coordinator
-Director of Pitching
-Special Assistant (added 6/24)

Flexibility is a must in this position, as I will not leave my role as President of Driveline Baseball.

I expect to report to Spring Training camp for the entirety of it, plus coordinator meetings, predraft/postdraft work, predraft workouts, and part of instructs. The flexibility I seek is mid-season travel being limited to ~10 days a month on the road to affiliates, allowing me the possibility of coordinating from Seattle for the majority of the work.

Major pluses are organizations with Sports Science initiatives underway, an Arizona complex (Florida is certainly doable, albeit with more travel relaxation requested), affiliates on the West Coast, and a two (or more) coordinator system that I would work in tandem with.

(I understand the Director of Pitching role will likely be more involved than the Pitching Coordinator role.)

My sincere interests (and my core competencies) are in building a rigorous system of training pitchers from top to bottom, integrating tightly with existing R&D and operations departments, revitalizing the predraft workout process, and developing sports science initiatives using my extensive knowledge of the subject.

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