Project Beer League Dingers

Using tech at Driveline to become a less crappy adult league hitter. June 7th, 2019, BlastMotion data:

Bat SpeedAttack AngleVert. Bat Angle
min61.8 MPH-6 degrees-13 degrees
avg67.7 MPH+5 degrees-25 degrees
max73.3 MPH+18 degrees-39 degrees

Not terrible, but not great.


  • Bat Speed: Average 70+ MPH (Max 80+ MPH, secondary goal)
  • Attack Angle: Average +10 degrees
  • Vert. Bat Angle: Average -35 degrees

Also hit on the HitTrax, which gave me my Max Exit Velocity* of 94.1 MPH.

Gonna get K-Vest, TPI Screen, and other data next week.

Probably should have done this well into the off-season, but oh well. It’s a constant thing, hopefully.

* at a positive launch angle

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