Goodbye Twitter, Hello Twitter

Well, it’s done. All of my 70,000+ tweets have been deleted.

I’ve been considering doing this for some time now after consulting with a variety of people about what I ultimately would like to achieve by the time I am 40 years old. Call it an early-onset midlife crisis.

I don’t feel the need to make the goals public, but I’ll talk a bit about Twitter and social media in general (not that I have personal accounts with much substance elsewhere).

We live in a society where people hold you accountable for things you’ve said years, even decades ago. I wouldn’t find this so egregious if the concept of context, maturity, and growth were as easily communicable as outrage and hot takes, but they are not.

I feel very strongly that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing” (largely unknown quote despite its many sources) and that being vocal about issues that are relevant to me is a responsibility. It is irresponsible to use social media as a shouting platform to build your brand and then to be overly conservative about what you say when you “make it.” The world needs leaders who are willing to put something on the line to move the ball forward.

I still feel this way. However, the use of @drivelinebases has been historically mixed, with personal views intermixed with ones that represent the whole point of the account – baseball player development and the industry as a whole.

I’ve decided to give it a fresh start and go from there, to keep it focused and to better position myself and my company moving forward.

I have a personal Twitter account – @kylejboddy – but it is protected and will remain that way for the foreseeable future, primarily because I am in multiple lawsuits where I’ve been advised to stay quiet on any topic that could possibly be related to its subject matter. (As an aside, I feel very good about the primary piece of litigation I am involved in.)

Time to move forward.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Twitter, Hello Twitter”

  1. Kyle,
    I appreciated the straight forward ness to the industry that I admire from afar. I hope that all the evil that is trying to catch up with you is slapped with the hand of common sense. I do follow your personal account as well and I hope to continue to hear from the Kyle I like.

  2. Well said. I am a former D-III coach and working toward getting back into coaching. I love most everything your company puts out, keep it up. Thinking about things differently has always been a quality I admire in people and try to do myself.

  3. Always been a pleasure reading your tweets about baseball and the other side of it as well. You speak the truth and it was always refreshing. As a high school coach I’ve taken away many great points. Hope to see you back.

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