What is Driveline Baseball?

A fitting rebirth to the blog.

Let’s start off with what Driveline Baseball is not.

Driveline Baseball is not

  • …a “weighted baseball” company.
  • …trying to be a baseball training company.
  • …driven by sales and marketing.
  • …the saviors of the game.
  • …a place where Tommy John will be solved.

No, it’s both more complex and more simple.

Driveline Baseball is a company that seeks to employ a diverse staff full of misfits, has-beens, sufficiently angry, creative, and stubborn people who are simply tired of the status quo and want to pursue excellence in everything we do.

  • We should have the best pitching and hitting coaches anywhere, at any level. We will develop players faster, better, and more reliably than any MLB organization.
  • We should have the smartest, most agile research and development team, running at 5-10% of the budget that the largest MLB teams allocate, publishing openly whenever possible to empower people around the world.
  • We should have the best customer service in the industry, serving coaches and players everywhere and redefining happiness.

All we want to do is to pursue excellence in everything baseball at the highest level.

I think we will do it. We are already well on our way to the goals above.

I know we will do everything we can to get there, and bring people on who want that and only that.

The future of Driveline Baseball belongs to the motivated individuals who have the deep, slow-burning fire inside them that can only be created with enough exposure to the inefficiencies and stupidity of the game as it is constructed, and wants to join a staff full of like-minded individuals who have a major goal in their life that also coincides with the goals of the company.

Oh yeah, and we compete fiercely internally and externally.

That’s who we are. If that’s you, we’re always looking for new people to bring on if they meet the continually-raising standard of employment here. Just because someone earned a job title doesn’t give them the right to keep it forever. There is no garbage time at Driveline Baseball. We will find the right role for you and work our asses off to fit you into the right spot to make you productive.

But we won’t tolerate average work.

I’m looking for above-average workers and I’m willing to overlook all the things that corporate America deems important [0] to get it.

So let’s do this thing.

[0]: Sense of style, deference to authority, proper etiquette, and other eyewash things that simply don’t define who a productive employee, manager, or partner can be.

2 thoughts on “What is Driveline Baseball?”

    1. Why even have job titles like corporations do? They imply a hierarchy in the organization and may contribute to the political correctness that so impairs many organizations. Is the hierarchy necessary to the success of Driveline? Maybe, maybe not… Reading this reminds me of Steve Jobs and one of his facilities where pirate flags were flown partly as a symbol to reject some of the nonsense in corporations that create artificial roadblocks to getting things done and developing great products and services.

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