My name is Kyle Boddy.

I am the owner of Driveline Baseball, an advanced baseball training facility and organization.

Yes, I’m the guy from Jeff Passan’s book, The Arm.

I am the author of The Dynamic Pitcher, a comprehensive book and video set designed to build elite youth baseball pitchers. I also authored Hacking the Kinetic Chain in late 2014 – the most cutting edge resource on training for elite velocity in baseball pitchers.

I have a GitHub, though most of my best work is private.

I am currently consulting for multiple MLB organizations in the field of scouting/player development as well as one or more NCAA Division-I college baseball programs in the field of player development. (Examples: Cleveland Indians, Vanderbilt, Oregon State)

Some other notable things I have done:

  • Was a co-founder and VP of Data Science of a very successful private boutique asset management company
  • Built the world’s first baseball biomechanics lab using consumer grade hardware and custom software
  • Designed and developed an in-depth video analysis system (ALEKHINE) for MLB players/coaches/analysts using PITCHf/x data and game video (spidered over 4 TB of video data) to allow users to query a unified database, getting one seamless streaming (or downloadable) video that fit a given criteria (Sample query: All of Jake Peavy’s sliders from 2013 thrown to right-handed batters above 85 MPH in Fenway Park that were middle-away and low-away called strikes)
  • Training and rehabilitating 20+ pro pitchers
  • Wrote an injury projection system leaning on PITCHf/x data using machine learning techniques
  • Developed distributed video and database systems for large-scale data mining, parallel processing, and video compression/conversion, later used in the ALEKHINE project
  • Worked on the world’s largest data mining application for a sector of Internet gambling
  • Reviewed cases of suspected online collusion for the largest Internet gambling company in the world
  • Have consulted for professional baseball teams as a video analyst/scout and pitching development consultant

Through Driveline Baseball, I am available for consulting projects for MLB teams – draft analysis, player development contracts, etc.

I am not reviewing tech/finance consulting offers at this time nor do I anticipate doing so in the near future.

Contact me – kyle.boddy@gmail.com.

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