Internet-Driven Innovation: Virtually Limitless

Someone on Facebook said: “It’s awesome how much more we can do now given technology and the efficiency of digital markets.”

I think he wrapped it up very well; my verbose explanation tires people out and the only way I know how to shorten it is to say “The Internet is fucking unreal awesome dasffaggd” which isn’t all that helpful.

But think about it – some time ago I decided I wanted a specific type of baseball that was weighted and colored differently – 6 combinations in all. I kept selling some other vendor’s inferior product and making some money off of it, but then I eventually got to the point where I thought: “Can’t I just do this myself?”

I PM’d a friend who I knew who did offshoring, he told me to look at (I could have easily Googled this), and a month later I was sending an international wire to China and 2 months after that I had 100 cases of weighted baseballs and 100 cases of resistance bands.

Elite Weighted Baseball Set

I then built an online shop using WordPress, a shopping cart plugin, Stripe, and a Stripe plugin. Total cost? $29 and Stripe’s processing fees, plus my $6/month host. (Site5)

I spread the word by writing about it in my column on The Hardball Times, message boards, and my company’s blog. I shipped them by printing labels and paying for them using my printer and

I was completely out of stock in two months.

This is the future we envisioned as kids. 15 years ago this would have been near-impossible. Today all it took was a Facebook message, a Google search, trading emails with a rep in China, and sending an international wire from my credit union.

How great is the Internet?

2 thoughts on “Internet-Driven Innovation: Virtually Limitless

  1. Hey Kyle. Bet you didn’t think I’d follow you here.

    So how exactly are your balls & resistance bands better?

  2. Custom-designed them rather than using regular stock. Plus we use decent covering for the weighted balls instead of crap PVC like the other manufacturers do (the factory I contract to do my work also does the work for two MAJOR baseball brands – you’d know them for sure).

    The bands are a value-line and are as advertised as such. They aren’t as good as Jaeger’s band set, but you get more of them and a weatherproof pouch. It’s made for teams and people who need a low-cost alternative but also want carabiners to hook into fences rather than use handles or double them up.

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