Fun With Past Predictions, Featuring Will Carroll

Not sure how I let this one slide by me.

In 2008, Will Carroll for some reason started to snipe at me (and continues to do so, I might add) despite the fact that I flew to Indianapolis to learn from him.

When he used to work for Baseball Prospectus (he can now be found at the very reputable Bleacher Report), he wrote this about Matt Garza:

On Saturday, I had a chance to speak with Garza on the field at Tropicana. I recently read an article by a writer who I know believes in what he wrote, saying that Garza was doing damage to his elbow “with each pitch” due to a minor mechanical flaw.

…I think that Garza is right and that the writer is dead wrong.

What I said (no longer online) is that Garza’s early pronation during separation of the pitching arm and glove is indicative of someone who supinates his pitches through release, and ultimately this causes additional stress on the distal elbow which could lead to bone chips and olecranon fractures.

I’m not sure how I missed this opportunity last year, but….

Matt Garza’s “Stress Reaction” Will Officially Force Him to the DL Today, Rest of 2012 in Doubt

From digging around, a “stress reaction” is some kind of irritation at the back of the ulna bone (the long, forearm bone on the inner side of your arm) – called the olecranon – from bumping into the humerus (the upper arm bone). If the stress reaction gets bad enough, it can result in a stress fracture, which can require surgery. Apparently, it’s frequently associated with young pitchers.

Good times, good times.

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