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On Wednesday, I put together all of the pitchers that would be throwing in the annual RIPS Scout Night. The owner of RIPS, Aaron Horrocks, put a lot of faith in me by turning over a huge responsibility – the recruitment of a lot of athletes who would look good in front of 30+ college and pro scouts.

I had a huge group of pitchers coming down from Vancouver, BC. I had junior college pitchers in attendance. I found pitchers from everywhere I could possibly do so, and when we had 95 applicants, we cut it down to 55 worthy athletes, many of them pitchers. Five of the Driveline Baseball athletes were judged worthy:

  • Michael Fairchild
  • Julian Archuleta
  • Christopher Carns
  • Karsten Sherman
  • Herbie Good

Here’s the list of velocities of all the pitchers that threw. What do you notice?

(Click for larger image.)

RIPS Scout Night Pitchers

Archuleta and Fairchild were the hardest throwers, and Carns was the 2nd hardest throwing HS junior (second only to Archuleta). Sherman has a hand injury, which limited him to 80 MPH (high water mark is 86 MPH). Good threw 81 MPH – the hardest throwing sophomore.

Sitting there and watching the best pitchers in the Pacific Northwest that we could find throw was a lot of fun.

It was even more special to get validation of our training techniques.

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