Proposed Solutions to Combat Piracy Don’t Work Because I’m Smarter Than You

Let’s take this “six strikes” program being rolled out by ISPs in the US.

“At that point, all of the tools that the content owners and the ISPs have at their disposal are there,” she said. “ISPs can, and have, taken action based on that. Content owners we know have taken action against large-scale pirates.”

There’s only one problem with this: I’m smarter than you.

Now, that’s not to say you’re stupid. The problem is that I know how to use Google, and hardware manufacturers are stupid too. You think I will pirate movies and software on my own connection? Fat chance. Why would I do that when there are 15+ connections in range using my Alfa card + giant antenna, and plenty of them are using WEP? WEP can be cracked in under 5 minutes using nothing more than a series of mouse clicks in Gerix WiFi cracker, a simple point-and-click affair (I still do my “auditing” from the command line, but they are making it as easy as possible).

Oh, but you use WPA/WPA2. Big fucking deal. There are cloud-based distributed computing cracking tools that will give me your password in a few hours for the low price of $29. Some even check to see if it’s solvable for free before making me shell out some money.

Ah, but you’re that guy that uses a 15 character, mixed-case, numbers and specialchars password. Can’t brute force that! Oh, did you leave WPS on? Or did you disable it but forget that Linksys/Cisco products don’t actually disable it – they just report they do? Too bad. WPS can be cracked regardless of the complexity of your WPA2 password.

Sorry if I get you kicked off your connection by repeatedly downloading the newest episodes of Dexter. If I was feeling particularly malicious, I’d use PeerBlock to find out which torrents have high activities of MPAA-affiliated nodes and I’d mass download them on your connection, piling up strikes quickly.

It’s nothing personal. I’m just a jerk and like to point out how stupid the RIAA/MPAA are. At your expense, of course.

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