Mass Geolocation Script (PHP)

I recently wrote a mass geolocation script in PHP since Google seems to be taking down all the websites that offer this vital service. Right now it:

  • Checks a table for records without lat/long coordinates
  • Sends those records’ addresses to Google’s geolocation API
  • Updates your records with the lat/long coordinates

It checks for the “#” sign and handles it since Google has problems with translating “2020 Anywhere Place #200” as a real address, but there are probably other errors I haven’t adequately checked for.

At the moment it updates records that are missing lat/long coordinates and writes zeroes into those fields if it can’t geolocate the address correctly. As a result, if you run the script again, it will assume those records were updated correctly and will pass over them, since they are not null. This is a known issue and is one (of many) areas of improvement for the script.

I didn’t want to spend a ton of hours on the script to make it a full-fledged awesome service, since Google doesn’t seem to like that. It’s just a basic script that handles common problems and works well enough.

You can get it over at my GitHub repo page for GeoCode. Enjoy.

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  1. Hello

    I just bumped with this post which is a great one and immediately tried to use. I am getting: status: “REQUEST_DENIED”. Any ideas of how can I go around this?

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