New Web Project: Advanced Baseball Injury Database

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I’m developing a web application that is similar in function to both PITCHf/x and injury-related databases out there. However, it will combine both types of data in hopes of performing some advanced searches not currently offered by any of the main free sources of information (Corey Dawkins’ Baseball Injury Tool, Fangraphs data, Trip Somers’ PITCHf/x tool, etc).

The “complete” application allows you to search for peak/average velocities, average release point, average number of pitches thrown per appearance, number of appearances per year, and other variables. For logged-in members, you will see an animated image of a pitcher’s mechanics if it is available in the database, and if it is not, you will be able to donate a small amount of money ($10-20) to have said pitcher’s mechanics digitized, added to the database, and a sponsored link with your name/group of choice added to the page.

With luck, people will be able to come up with some interesting combinatorial analysis that might correlate some PITCHf/x values with real-world injuries in pitchers. Plug-ins using jpgraph to utilize the power of R and general statistical analysis will be available in the Advanced Combination Search.

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