Fiverr: Awesome Website

Fiverr is a website where anyone can post what they’ll do for five bucks. I’ve known about the site for some time now, but haven’t actually done much with it until recently. As many of you know, I’ve quit my full-time IT job to work as a personal trainer, baseball coach, and self-employed web developer/programmer. Much of my work in all three areas involves paying attention to SEO, marketing on a low budget, and writing a lot of content – even for the gym that I work at!

Fiverr has a lot of people who are willing to do above-average SEO-related work or content generation for just five bucks. Automated submissions to hundreds of site databases, creating linkwheels, writing 200-500 word articles for you, spinning your articles for submission to article archives, creating backlinks, and so forth!

Definitely worth your time to check out if you’re a self-employed businessman. And if you’re not, they have plenty of people willing to do your homework or be your personal assistant, too!

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