Baseball Layoff

Due to the inclement weather over the past week, a few of my baseball games have been canceled. Combined with the light schedule of this week, it leaves me with a rare stretch where I don’t have more than one game in a week. This is sad, because I love to play tons of baseball from July-August (it gets a bit old towards September) when the weather is beautiful. I’ve been compensating by taking a bunch of batting practice and working out more, but it’s not the same.

Fall league is just around the corner while one of my summer leagues is wrapping up. Can’t believe the off-season is nearly upon us! It’s bittersweet, I think; the offseason represents the end of baseball for a few months, but gives me a much-needed opportunity to train very hard for the next season and to improve my strength metrics. I plan on cutting weight to about 210 lbs by then, and I’d like to have a double bodyweight back squat, a bodyweight bench press, and a 500 lb. deadlift by the end of the offseason.

Is it doable? Only time will tell, I suppose.

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