Thought Cross-Pollination

Cross PollinateSome time ago as a professional gambler, I was studying the game of limit hold ’em quite furiously. I read a ton of books, like Theory of Poker and Texas Hold ’em for Advanced Players, and did a lot of math to simulate pot odds and post-flop strategy. However, I was still hitting a wall when it came to some intermediate concepts, like hand ranges and three-bet frequencies. I sought coaching from a few well-respected players, and one of them told me to start playing low-limit split-pot games.


He reasoned that learning completely different games would give me a fresh perspective on poker. It made sense, so I gave it a shot and logged a few thousand hands of Stud and Omaha 8/b. I ended up falling in love with split-pot games, but it definitely did improve my understanding of poker in general. Later on, I studied and played a lot of Triple Draw 2-7, and that really helped me to understand positional advantage.

So if you’re stuck on a certain concept in life, give cross-pollination a shot! Study a related field that’s new to you, and you might find yourself understanding the base subject more!

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