Patch: Social Links (WordPress)

For those who use the very handy Social Links plugin for WordPress, you may have noticed that adding Facebook profile links causes the link to get cut off and thus result in 404 errors. I use this plugin for a lot of my clients, and I ended up having this issue. I delved into the code and found where the problem happened to be, and wrote this response on the WordPress forums:

The errors people are having with their Facebook (and other) social sites getting cut off is due to a bug in the code at line 370:

user_info VARCHAR(55) NOT NULL;

When the plugin is activated, it creates a field with a maximum of 55 characters for site URLs. This is obviously insufficient for many sites, specifically Facebook. The correct line (with respect to memory considerations) should read:

user_info VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;

What users can do to resolve this issue with already installed plugins are:

1) Log into PHPmyAdmin and change this field to accept a maximum of 255 characters, then re-add each site that was faulty.
2) Log into the MySQL database as admin using Toad or another MySQL editor and issuing the following command:

wp_social_links is what my plugin database table is named, but yours may not be.

Contact your webhosting technical support to have them walk you through either step. Hopefully the author will patch this plugin soon.


This patch should do the trick!

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