My In-Season Workout Schedule

For the 2 people who care about this, here’s what I’m doing for in-season strength training:

Monday: ME Lower Body
-3×5 Squat
-1×5 Rack Pull (A), alternate with 1×8 Halting DL (B)
-Single-Leg Movement

Tuesday: ME Upper Body
-3×5, 1×10 Bench Press
-2×10 Unilateral DB Rows
-Chin-Ups (Clusters and Band-Assisted)

Thursday: DE Mixed
-8×3 Box Squat (A), alternate with 3×5 band-resisted squats
-3×5 Bench Press w/ Bands
-Vertical Jump work (Box Jumps / Depth Jumps / Shock Jumps)
-Medball work
-Batting practice / throwing on the side

Saturday or Sunday: Cardio (depending on games)
-Tabata rowing
-Energy workout: 20 min jog / elliptical

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